About us

Hospitalmachine Curtain Hygiene Services are a long established business specialising in the handling and cleaning of hospital curtains and related services, that comply with specified hospital standards.

We have grown to the company we are today because of our sincere commitment, dedication and hard work to ensure we are able to fully satisfy our customers with our high quality services.

Despite competition, we have a large customer base using our products & services. The reason being, we don´t compromise on our quality, pricing and timely delivery.

The quality we provide to our customer and our pricing is unbeatable, and we ensure that we always deliver our products on time.

As an organisation we continue to work hard so that we can continue to grow to maintain our own customers but also to attain new ones and offer both a greater service within our industry.

What is Curtain Servicing?

Here is are some of responsibilities we ensure with our service:

  • Our curtain cleaning system kills bacteria, viruses and superbugs on all wash cycles (including MRSA and Clostridium Difficile).
  • Our strict laundry methods ensure that no harmful chemicals are returned to our client’s premises.
  • Curtains are transported to a controlled environment, where harmful dirt, pollution and bacteria are removed safety.
  • Regular curtain servicing and maintenance prolongs the life of the curtain – saving money on costly replacements and creating cost efficiencies Environmentally friendly process using an ozone cleansing agent.

Our Commitment:

Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in our vision & mission statement. We exist because of our customer and we are very grateful to our customers who have made us what we are today. We now strive to take our organization to the next level so that we can continue to serve our customers and keep them satisfied.

Our Promise

We are extremely competitive and our service is second to none and we always aim to keep it that way. Contact us today and start saving money.            


According to HIQA regulations:

Hospital/Nursing Home linen/curtains are not to be mixed with general public Laundries/Dry Cleaners. We are a dedicated Medical Laundry & do not deal with the general public.